About Me

Hi! I’m Patty and this is my journal, the girl with blue energy. This site is a work in progress. I am a mother of five and co-founder of the once popular website for moms, JustMommies.com. I have been through a lot and I try to share my “blue energy” with others.

In 2008, I sold my business JustMommies.com for over 1 million dollars. I was so proud of my accomplishments and my success. I was living the American Dream. I bought a beautiful house, had my fifth child, homeschooled, and life was …terrible (just another day in Paradise).

In 2014, my 12 year-old daughter attempted suicide and my life was completely flipped upside down. I fought a very lengthy and expensive battle with Michigan CPS. I lost my middle son in the process. He was adopted out through foster care after CPS tried to force me to terminate my rights to him in return for my other children. It took me 18 months, a whole lot of money, counseling, and jumping through hoops to get my other children back. The grief and depression from losing my son nearly killed me.

I am currently a single mother trying to find my way back. I lost a lot of material things in the process of getting my kids back and my divorce, but gained my freedom and found the “girl from Paradise City.” I openly talk about my bipolar disorder, my dysfunctional family, and my mental health. While I do not think my family is the norm, I believe mental health, alcoholism, and addiction are some of the biggest issues in our country. I hope to be an advocate for people with mental illness and families like mine.

In 2018 I ran for the office of State Representative in Michigan. I am still politically active. You can follow my Libertarian activity and posts at PattyforLiberty.com.

This blog is a cathartic place for me to talk, but also a place to provide hope for people like me. I do not believe the issues that cause families to need an intervention from CPS are easily fixed. I strongly oppose the division of the family by CPS, and advocate for changes in how we go about “helping” families.

My goal for this blog is to share my experience with meditation, spirituality, mental illness, and personal growth. I have been practicing meditation for over 20 years. I share my meditation on this blog and my own sense of spirituality, aka “the blue energy“.