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Girl with Blue Energy

An empath’s journey to find peace and happiness. I started Girl with Blue Energy as a way to share my blue energy with the world. What is blue energy? It’s a gift I received during meditation. 

Whenever I am feeling discouraged or want to give up, I go back to that moment when I discovered the blue energy. This blog is my journey to healing and finding happiness.

Do you believe in magic?

It’s hard to be a positive person in a world full of hopelessness. Some people are optimistic, realistic, nihilistic, or pessimistic. I am none of these. I am constantly reminded that many of the things that we “earn” in life were not earned. They were magical gifts from the universe. This magic I call “blue energy”. I received this gift during meditation- the ability to go into your mind and drink a cup of blue (or positive, magical) energy.  My blog is my way of providing blue energy to the world.


90 Day Transformation

I am working on a 90-day transformation — not with a coach, not with a program. It’s something I am doing for myself. I have made a commitment to blogging and making a video every day for the entire 90 days to document my progress. 

I hope you will follow my journey to overcoming obstacles, setting and achieving goals, and sharing my blue energy without fear.

The Girl with the Blue Energy

Be the Person You Want to Be

Set Goals and Accomplish More

get your shit together with my May cleaning calendar

May Cleaning Calendar

It took me years to get organized. Then one day I decided I was doing it. I started with three simple daily tasks. And, it took me a while to do just these three things consistently. If you want to get organized, and see your house clean every day, not …

Goal chasing and burnout

This morning I woke up feeling exhausted. Been working my little butt off. Haven’t been doing the best with my habits, but I have been getting a lot more done. I am still not as efficient as I want to be. Right now I have a million projects and not …

I have a million things I am trying to do, but the biggest one is to improve my focus. My phone — Facebook, email, messenger, texts — is my biggest distraction. I have a legit addiction to it. Like, I pick up that phone more than a cigarette smoker picks …

Finding Peace, Fulfillment & Happiness

One day at a time

The last few days I haven’t had any profound meditations. Every day I seek wisdom and guidance in the form of meditation. I am going to write another post about my meditation and use of creative imagery. I have had some people tell me that this is something I shouldn’t …

Always Taken Care of

Yesterday I had this thought. I have never been one of those girls that were taken care of. What I mean is, I have never been a stay-at-home mom that just had some guy taking care of me. I long for childhood sometimes because I really hate adulting. Sometimes I …

I didn’t have a particularly insightful meditation today, but I did listen to a book about letting go of anger from a Buddhist perspective. I have been very interested in reading about Buddhism and its practice of meditation. I am not so much interested in it as a religion, but …

Transform Your Body

Have the Beautiful Body You Deserve

chocolate zucchini keto muffins

Ingredients for Chocolate Zucchini Keto Muffins 3/4 cup almond flour 1/4 cup coconut flour 1/2 cup cocoa powder 1 cup of stevia extract 2 tsp of baking powder 1/4 tsp cream of tarter 1/2 cup of sugar-free chocolate chips 6 eggs (separated into egg whites and yolks) 1 cup of …

almond flour keto waffles

IIf you are looking for a recipe to make keto waffles using almond flour, this is the best almond flour keto waffles ever. I say this because I experimented with this keto recipe for quite some time trying to come up with a recipe that was both keto and that …

natural beauty

Cat eyeliner tutorials are one of the most searched beauty tutorials on the internet.  I love the big makeup look, but it doesn\’t love me.  I have tried to pull off the eyeliner look for a long time and could never get it right.  I thought I should write my …

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