Category: Personal Development

There is Value in the Struggle

Last night as I was washing dishes at my job, I thought how the hell did my life go so far to shit that I am washing dishes for a living. Sorry, this isn’t me being negative. This is fuel for my fire. I have forgotten the days of

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Let’s Talk About World Bipolar Day

Today it\’s March 30th and World Bipolar Day. I am going to talk about Bipolar Disorder and why I am celebrating today and sharing my story with you.  I love my brain, my creativity, and my hyperactive personality, but I didn\’t always.  I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 when

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The Day I Had My Last Panic Attack

I had my very first panic attack when I was 18. I can still remember it. I was at church.  I went into the bathroom because I felt stressed. I fell to the floor and couldn\’t breathe. Somebody touched me and I started screaming!  It was frightening and humiliating. 

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