Month: September 2023

women with Bipolar Disorder experiencing an episode of chronic pain

Does Bipolar Disorder Cause Chronic Pain?

Let’s learn about the surprising connection between Bipolar Disorder and chronic pain. Does Bipolar Disorder cause chronic pain? If you have Bipolar Disorder like I do, you may have noticed that you experience pain whenever you are stressed. You may have also noticed that your episodes of depression strangely

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beautiful Bipolar woman thinking about little known Bipolar Disorder facts

8 Little Known Bipolar Disorder Facts That Will Surprise You!

Let’s learn more about some surprising and little-known Bipolar Disorder facts. The majority of people have a basic understanding of what Bipolar Disorder is. They might know some of the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, like the fact that it can cause a person to have mood swings, mania, or

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