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Top 10 Reasons Natural Beauty is Hot

Cat eyeliner tutorials are one of the most searched beauty tutorials on the internet.  I love the big makeup look, but it doesn\’t love me.  I have tried to pull off the eyeliner look for a long time and could never get it right.  I thought I should write my own tutorial on how to put on cat eyeliner, because if I can figure it out anyone can.  Sadly though, I just can\’t do it and I honestly think I look more beautiful without it.  This is when it dawned on me.  I get complimented a lot on my natural look.  I decided to use my own no makeup, messy hair picture for this post, even though I could have used a stock photo.  It\’s one of my favorites even though I have not a stitch of makeup on.

While researching the topic of natural beauty I have discovered this is a hot topic among women.  The debate, however, is not so much over the natural look, but the authenticity of it.  Women love being beautiful and natural beauty is, in fact, HOT.  Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Natural beauty stands out

While contouring, highlighting, and the big makeup looks of the 80s are in right now, natural beauty stands out.  What you see is what you get.  No filters and no makeup means that if the girl is gorgeous, she\’s gorgeous.  And, that stands out!

2. The natural look exhibits confidence

I used the to think the no makeup look was the lazy look.  While it\’s nice to do a little of that hair and makeup therapy, looking beautiful without makeup shows off your confidence.  When I look good with no makeup, my self-esteem is better and it shows.  People can see what you really look like.  It takes confidence to look good without makeup.

3. Being the girl next door is totally hot

Ask any man and they\’ll tell you, the girl next door is hot. Wearing less makeup makes you look friendly, approachable, and more like the girl next door.  Just as us ladies don\’t always go for the overly buff dudes and super studs, men also love the simple, attainable, good-looking girl next door.

4.  Natural beauty is genuine and real

It\’s hard to know what a girl really looks when she is wearing a ton of makeup.  What might she be hiding under all that makeup? A bare face is a real face.  You know exactly what a girl looks like when she presents her face without makeup.

5. There is something about the innocent youthful look

While wearing makeup may make you look more desirable, it also can make you look less wholesome.  I love makeup and sometimes I do go with the bright, bold looks, but looking innocent has it perks.  The innocent look is associated with youthfulness.  This is why less makeup may make you seem younger.

6. Healthy skin, imperfections, and freckles are sexy

Healthy looking bare skin is hot, but here\’s the thing.  Not everyone has great skin and that\’s okay.  Some people feel better wearing a little concealer or foundation.  You don\’t have to go makeup free to be naturally beautiful.  Looking natural doesn\’t have to be no makeup at all, but rather simple makeup.  Light foundation, mascara, and lip gloss are still very natural looking.  If you are wearing makeup and don\’t look like it, it\’s still sexy.

7. A beautiful smile is hotter than lipstick

There are a few features that people tend to be attracted to, but a beautiful smile is top on most people\’s list.  A smile shows you are happy, positive, and friendly.  When someone likes you they tend to smile more when they are around you.  A sexy smile is more important than what color is on your lips.

8. Low maintenance girls appear down to earth

Looking high maintenance can be a turn off.  Lots of makeup screams lots of effort.  A girl that\’s down to earth, and doesn\’t require two hours to get ready, sounds fun and easy-going.  She\’s not the kind of girl that\’s vain, tries too hard, or is afraid of getting her nails dirty.

9. Makeup ages you

Wearing too much makeup can make you look older, rather than younger.  Not only that, but a regular makeup routine might contribute to fine lines and wrinkles.  Just like your hair, doing less causes less damage.  Every time you tug on your eye to apply eyeliner, or dab on concealer, you\’re pulling on your delicate skin.  Scrubbing makeup off your face at night is also extra wear on tear on your skin.  A simple water and moisturizer routine is all I use for skin care and my skin looks fab even at 45.

10. Men love it!

As I was writing this, I saw a post from a Facebook friend about fake eyelashes and was not surprised by the comments from men. Some people think looking like a supermodel is where it\’s at, but most men find find women who look approachable and natural more attractive.  Men\’s Health, my favorite men\’s site, has an article on this topic that I loved.  They had over 250 comments from men who said they loved the no makeup look.

If you think natural beauty is the best way to be beautiful, you will love Ayanna Denise Skin.  Her all-natural skin care products are amazing. I use them every day and think they help me to stay naturally beautiful.



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