How to Break Up with Your Phone

I have a million things I am trying to do, but the biggest one is to improve my focus. My phone — Facebook, email, messenger, texts — is my biggest distraction. I have a legit addiction to it. Like, I pick up that phone more than a cigarette smoker picks up a cigarette. It is the biggest interference with my productivity.

I am trying to commit to blogging on my blogs more, especially this one. It’s my favorite blog. But my damn phone addiction gets in my way. It’s something I have been working on. Some days I do better than others. I have tried installing a FB app blocker. I have tried turning my phone off, putting it on silent, ignoring it.

Today I am doing something new. I wrote myself a note. It says You are focused! Be a badass! Don’t pick up this phone!!! I put it on top of my phone this morning. Not two seconds after I dropped the note on top of my phone, my notifications dinged. Then, I thought I really should take a picture of the note for this blog post. But, I thought about it. I pick up that phone to check notifications and I’ll be on it another twenty minutes.

This morning I wasn’t going to work out. I had stuff to do. I was like I don’t have time for this. I thought about how many mornings I have spent checking in on Facebook, checking my emails, checking my stats, Google stuff.

As I was typing this, my laptop shut down. I forgot to plug it on. Ordinarily, that would be the time to check my phone. Ya know I can’t work while my laptop is loading up. But, I know what happens when I pick up my phone. I fall down the rabbit hole.

So today I am doing something different. I am breaking up with my phone. I am really working on my ADHD and being more productive. I’ll update this post later with a pic and keep y’all posted on how I do. Do you relate with my struggles?



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