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You Gotta Do the Work: Day 15 of My Transformation

This morning I woke up close to on time. I really enjoyed relaxing and drinking my coffee. I did not wake up with Monday dread like I was anticipating. I woke up surprisingly recharged. Still, when I thought about working out, I didn’t want to do it. I put meditation first this morning and I am getting back to that. Today’s message from my spirit guide. “I can hold your hand, Patty. I can support you. But, you have to do the work.”

You gotta do the work girl. That’s what I got from meditation today. I feel good that I have been able to connect spiritually again and truly meditate. I often go into meditation with the purpose of meditating and end up ruminating, brainstorming, or doing anything but relaxing and spiritually connecting. For me the purpose of meditation is mainly to connect with myself and my higher power. I also try to include prayer time in my meditation.

What I have gotten from this transformation journey was something different than I anticipated. I wanted to document this journey so I could Wow people with my results. So, I could set a great example and inspire people. I was doing this in some ways to hold myself accountable. But, what I have gotten out of this so far is a renewal of my faith.

You see, it’s easy for you to think that YOU pulled yourself up by bootstraps and you changed your life. All by your ever-so-powerful self. But, that’s just simply not true. During my time working at the mall, I met some amazing people and those people helped me get through one day after another while I slowly started building my business.

Every night when I clean the kitchen and wipe the trash can down, I think of my boss Kim. He passed away from cancer, and people may think I give him credit for changing my life because he passed away. But, he truly changed me. Today, I am grateful for the work ethic lessons he taught me. I never went home from Auntie Anne’s without completing all the things on the closing list. I watched this man come to work day after day exhausted from cancer but he still worked hard, up until he couldn’t anymore. I remember him often and every time I am tired, I think about him.

So today, I prayed, meditated, exercised, had some coffee, made my video and now I am going to go do the work. Because you can’t wow people or inspire people by being lazy or talking. You gotta do the work girl.

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