Where do I Get my Spirit Fed: Day 28 of My Transformation

Yesterday was a really long day and I have been filled with a bunch of ideas. I think yesterday’s meditation on decision-making was no coincidence. Today I have some decisions to make. I meditated twice and the first time I had no peace from it.

One of the things I have learned about meditation and decision making, is that I when I have peace about a decision that’s when I know it’s the right decision. I have spent so many times tormenting myself about a choice. And when I finally make the decision that anguish goes away. Today there is something I need to make a decision on.

I didn’t talk about this on my video because that wasn’t what I was led to talk about. But, I know that I will have some peace on my choices today because I am choosing to bring everything to God through prayer and meditation.

But, one of the things I keep seeing during meditation is a classroom. I believe that is God speaking to me about “teaching” people about the blue energy. It has nothing to do with people being just like me or believing in my “blue energy” but more about people understanding what and why I talk about it.

It’s about the peace, hope, and joy there is in this world. It’s about loving people and being compassionate. It’s about being the person you want to be someone filled with passion, hope, and love. What I want for myself is to be a better leader, a better mother, a better fiance and (soon wife), to be a better Libertarian, to be a better example. You lead with your lips, you lead with your life.

Working on my life one day at a time.

Girl with Blue Energy


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