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What Really Makes You Happy? Day 14 of My Transformation

This morning I woke up feeling recharged. When I saw my kitchen was clean, it added a little more blue energy to my day. One of the things I have realized since I started my transformation is what really makes me happy.

Before I started my transformation project I think I would have been disappointed with my progress. I am a very goal-oriented person. And while achieving goals makes does make me happier, it’s not what I really need. I realized a while back that I am happiest when I am productive. I never realized that doing things makes you happier. In fact, it used to annoy me when people would suggest taking a walk or cleaning my room to make me feel better. I thought what do you know about bipolar disorder?

Admitting my way isn’t always right has always been a struggle. Leo girls are prideful and stubborn. To the point that we will stick with something or someone simply for the fact that we are too strong-willed to quit.

I am not writing the high-quality content I want to write yet. And, my videos aren’t all-inspiring like I want them to be. I am not creating amazing Ted Talks yet, but I am very happy with my progress. I have stuck with my workouts for two weeks. I have made my videos every single day. And, I think I am doing a good job documenting my progress.

I realized today that the reason why I am not doing as well with my business as I want to do is that I don’t love it the way I loved JustMommies. I am grinding every day and pushing forward toward my goals, but I am not passionate about it.

What I realized today is that I love this! I love blogging and love making YouTube videos, even if I am not so great with it (YET!). I love what I am doing with this. It’s bringing me a lot of happiness. So, I am going to commit to investing some of my time creating the content I want to create here on Girl with Blue Energy and making little improvements over time.

I hope that one day everyone knows what blue energy is and that I can be an inspiration to you. I am going to accomplish the goals I set out to accomplish at the beginning of this challenge. It’s hard to have faith that it will happen, but honestly what I wanted this challenge to be is a testimony to the power of faith and trusting God to lead the way. So with that, I am going to go meditate and plan my week.

The Girl with Blue Energy


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