Triage Your Life Like a Bitchy Nurse: Day 36 of My Transformation

I already realize as I am typing this that my post might offend some people, but I don’t think it will offend any of my nurse friends or my people. So this morning I didn’t want to make time for a shower, for meditation, or for exercise. I wanted to get to work on the squeaky wheels in my life. Better start greasing those wheels before they start whining

One of my biggest struggles as an empath is that I respond to people’s emotional needs, not their actual needs. As I work through my own transformation, I am highly focused on accomplishing my goals. And to do this, I have to focus on my needs and prioritize what really needs to be done first.

Squeaky, needy people can suck up all of your energy, and I am trying to maintain my own blue energy while also sharing it with others. I woke up late, but the house was clean and I am ready to tackle my day. If someone with the sniffles has to wait in my waiting room while I take care of more pressings issues, I am okay with that.

Time management as an empath means making time for self-care and managing your own emotions.

Video 36 is done. Next is the exercise.

The Girl with Blue Energy


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