Time is a Gift and so is the Timing of Life: Day 29 of my Transformation

This morning I had a weird meditation that didn’t make a ton of sense to me at first, but I decided that it was important to talk about it anyway. I believe in the synchronicity of life and that things in our life happen for reasons we don’t always understand. As Steve Jobs put it, we can’t connect the dots until later.

This morning I meditated about practicing shooting hoops. And I was reminded about how much better we get at things with practice. People aren’t always “naturally” talented at things. We work at things. We practice things. And we get better at things. Every day as I make my little YouTube videos, whether anyone watches them or not I am getting better at them. I am getting better at trusting my own self, my meditation, and my intuition on what I say and what I talk about.

While these videos may not help anyone else, they are most definitely helping me. I received a message during meditation earlier in this transformation process of mine, for me to provide the faith and to trust God to provide the miracles. So, I share my weird meditation today. Oddly, I do not believe any of my “Transformation” or videos or what I say is a coincidence. The messages spoken to me and the timing of them, are loud and clear even if nobody else can hear them.

Today I meditated about time and how precious it is. And this morning I gifted myself time. I constantly feel pressure from people asking for my time — can you do this, can you do that, can you call that person, do you have an update…. Being an entrepreneur, a Libertarian, a mom, a fiancee, and wearing all of my hats… Everyone wants a minute of my time.

I wake up often thinking who do I disappoint today. Today, I ignored those loud voices asking for my time and I gave myself a gift from Alice in Wonderland — TIME.

And when I got on Facebook this morning, all the dots from my previous meditations connected. And my memory for today, couldn’t be more synchronistic.

Trust the timing of your life.

The Girl with Blue Energy



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