Facebook Friends are Quite Possibly the Most Underrated Antidepressant

According to the internet, Facebook has created a generation of narcissists. Facebook makes you depressed and causes anxiety. If you read the internet at all and love your Facebook, you are doomed to be sad, narcissitic, lonely, and depressed. I call bullshit!

I decided to do some research on this. I think social media gets a bad rap. I have met all my besties online. Facebook is my diary, my entertainment, and my support system. Not that I couldn’t function without it if I had to, but I am highly suspicious of the research.

Most of the research on social media has focused on millennials and college students. There are a lot of factors contributing to the increase in depression and anxiety that haven’t been factored in. A Michigan State University study came to the same conclusions as me, Facebook can be good for your mental health.

Happiness is contagious, depression isn’t

Not enough research has been put into the benefits of social media use. According to the Michigan State University study, social media users are 63% less likely to experience serious psychological distress. Connecting with friends and family online actually helps social media users with depression and anxiety. This research contradicts previous research that places much of the blame for depression and anxiety in younger adults on social media use.

Healthy moods are contagious. According to a study by the University of Warwick, surrounding yourself with friends who have a positive outlook and healthy moods, even by way of social media, can improve your mood and mental health. Some people believe that being around depressed people will make you depressed, but research suggests otherwise. People with positive attitudes and healthy moods can help lift their friends out of depression. Depressed people do not have the same affect on their friends with healthy moods. Depression isn’t contagious, but a healthy mood is! I refer to this as blue energy. Another study by the Proceedings of the Royal Society B came to the same conclusions. Friendship and a healthy support system plays an important role in coping with depression.

It’s okay to like the like button

If you post selfies as much as I do, does that make you a narcissist? I don’t think so. I love the little hearts on my posts and pictures, and I say that’s okay. I have read some research about doing away with the like button. I dont know about you, but I am not interested in a Facebook without likes. The like feature is part of why people like Facebook. Its an easy way to communicate love, support, and affection to your Facebook friends. I like the like button and love the button! As I am researching this, I can’t find any research to support my conclusions. But, just like the research on Facebook causing depression was skewed, I believe more research is needed on the positive affects of Facebook love. I love my Facebook friends and I hope you keep the love coming!