Should I Get a Personal Trainer? Heck yeh!

I have been working out for over 5 years now and I have a pretty decent body. I think I am pretty good shape and semi-know what I am doing. As a matter of fact, before I decide to run for office I was working on getting certified as a personal trainer myself.  I have never actually worked with a personal trainer before last week though.  And let me tell you I regret not doing this sooner!  So if you are wondering if a personal trainer is worth it, I am going to say heck yeh!

What\’s so great about working with a personal trainer?

You just have to show up!

I have always been really OCD about my workout plans.  I like the idea of someone who knows what they are doing just figuring out everything for me. I still write everything down but I don\’t have to think up my routine or change things up by myself. I just have to show up.  He keeps track of everything for me.

You will learn how to use ALL of the equipment.

I liked being in charge of everything I was doing because I know my body and I know my goals.  However, what I didn\’t realize is how many exercises and how much of the gym I wasn\’t using.  I only know a limited amount of exercises. Even if you follow a workout plan from a book or website, they will be limited.  The plans usually teach you popular exercises and may be limited to barbells or dumbbell exercises. I never used half the machines or equipment at my gym. I didn\’t know how to use them and I didn\’t really think they were useful. Wow! What did I know?

You will perfect your form.

This has always been an issue for me. There have been quite a few exercises that I was not totally sure I was doing correctly. Here\’s the thing.  If you are using the correct form you will get better results.  I have been totally amazed at the difference and it has been genuinely helpful. Even if I don\’t continue working with a trainer I will walk away knowing how to lift using the correct form.

You will use the right weight!

I am going to admit, I like to lift heavier sometimes than I am actually ready for.  If you are lifting too heavy, you\’re probably not doing it correctly.  Of course you want to see progression, but working with a trainer keeps me from just bumping the weight up and being sloppy.

You will learn new techniques.

This is one thing I have really liked. There are little things that make a big difference. For example, he\’s had me count to three as I do a rep or shown me how to pull on the rope on a tricep extension. They are little tips but they have really improved my workout.

You WILL get better results.

Sure, you can get results without a trainer. I think I have had some pretty impressive results all on my own. But I cannot wait to show you guys how I look on my birthday this year after working with a trainer for six months. Everything I am doing has felt more effective. When I have that \”nice\” sore feeling the next day from a good workout I get excited!


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