Share Your Story: Day 34 of My Transformation

You know when I started this transformation it wasn’t intended to go exactly like this. I didn’t have a solid agenda other than I was going to meditate every day, exercise every day, blog every day, and make a video every day. I set these mega goals with the thought that if I recorded a video every day it would keep me on track and focused and this time I would accomplish my goals.

However, God’s plans aren’t always your plans. As I have listened to my meditation, each day I have been directed to talk about something different. Through my transformation, I am prayerfully and mindfully listening to God’s direction in my life and not mine.

This morning’s meditation was helpful to me. I have been guided and guided to share the blue energy. I hope through my videos and my blog I give people hope and confidence that they can change their circumstances. And that maybe I can help renew or give them new faith in God and Humanity.

I believe God is loving, compassionate and understanding. He knows our human weaknesses. And I also believe that sharing your humanity — the humbling experiences in your life, the things you don’t want anyone to know. These things that you want to hide from the world – these are the things that make you human. When you think the entire world is going to judge you, know that there is someone out there that needs to hear your story.

Share your story, your humanity. You inspire people in ways you don’t know.

The Girl with Blue Energy



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