Pick up the Pace Patty: Day 38 of My Transformation

I am feeling really great today. So this morning’s meditation was all about picking up the pace. I was rocking and rolling yesterday and got so much done. I just did my workout and really pushed myself. I set some alarms on my phone to help me keep pace with the little things I am trying to do during my transformation.

My video-making was fast this morning. I didn’t have lipstick on my tear, mascara running down my face, or my hair sticking up funny. LOL. I am trying to get better at how I present myself on my little transformations and I am always trying to be okay with not all of them being “transformational”.

Today I didn’t talk about everything I got out of meditation. But, one thing my spirit guide told me was that this wouldn’t be my first transformation. That I am going to do this again and next time I am going to be other people’s coach not just my own.

I truly want to help my friends reach their goals and inspire people. So today I push myself a little more.

Picking up the pace today.

The Girl with Blue Energy


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