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Girl with Blue Energy

An empath’s journey to find peace and happiness. I started Girl with Blue Energy as a way to share my blue energy with the world. What is blue energy? It’s a gift I received during meditation. 

Whenever I am feeling discouraged or want to give up, I go back to that moment when I discovered the blue energy. This blog is my journey to healing and finding happiness.

Do you believe in magic?

It’s hard to be a positive person in a world full of hopelessness. Some people are optimistic, realistic, nihilistic, or pessimistic. I am none of these. I am constantly reminded that many of the things that we “earn” in life were not earned. They were magical gifts from the universe. This magic I call “blue energy”. I received this gift during meditation- the ability to go into your mind and drink a cup of blue (or positive, magical) energy.  My blog is my way of providing blue energy to the world.


90 Day Transformation

I am working on a 90-day transformation — not with a coach, not with a program. It’s something I am doing for myself. I have made a commitment to blogging and making a video every day for the entire 90 days to document my progress. 

I hope you will follow my journey to overcoming obstacles, setting and achieving goals, and sharing my blue energy without fear.

The Girl with the Blue Energy

Be the Person You Want to Be

Set Goals and Accomplish More

Yesterday, I decided I was making this blog a priority. This is my favorite blog, one I write for me. My main purpose is to blog about things that are important to me and help me. This morning I meditated. I don’t meditate like other people. I have a virtual …

I blog a lot but haven’t written anything here in forever. My new goal is to blog on Girl with Blue Energy every day. One of the things I have been working on in my personal life is habits. I have started 7 habits over the last three weeks. I …

emotional lady

How do you keep your emotions from killing your productivity? Once upon a time I kicked ass at being productive. I often joke that I built my business by having one manic episode after another. When I am manic, I can do anything. I am productive, hyper-focused, funnier, more creative, …

Finding Peace, Fulfillment & Happiness

One day at a time

What’s a hybadid?

This morning I woke up depressed. I didn’t want to get up because I was tired, exhausted. Depression is exhausting. It’s hard to tell whether or not the exhaustion causes the depression or the depression makes you exhuasted. I think it’s a little bit of both. I can’t get out …

This morning I was talking to the “girl in the blue dress” who has not been wearing a blue dress lately. She was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt again. Today she had an obstacle course in front of me and a whistle. She was my little drill seargent and …

Last night as I was washing dishes at my job, I thought how the hell did my life go so far to shit that I am washing dishes for a living. Sorry, this isn’t me being negative. This is fuel for my fire. I have forgotten the days of scraping …

Transform Your Body

Have the Beautiful Body You Deserve

Hello fit friends.  I hope that you love my Valentine\’s fitness gift idea. I thought it was clever. If your lover needs to get back on track or an extra little push, make him something special to inspire him each day.  I love motivating and being the cheerleader, so this …

Wearing makeup is something women do to look and feel better. Even if you have always taken great care of your skin, aging is part of life. Inevitably every woman will start to show signs of aging. If those laugh lines, crow’s feet, or wrinkles on your forehead are starting …

Avocado Keto Pancakes

I love to use avocados in my baking because it\’s a great way to add healthy fats. These are actually pretty easy. I like to serve them with greek yogurt and fresh berries on top. I usually sprinkle a little cinnamon and drip a teaspoon of sugar-free syrup on top.  …

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