My Big Ass Journal of Totally Boring Things

Yesterday, I decided I was making this blog a priority. This is my favorite blog, one I write for me. My main purpose is to blog about things that are important to me and help me.

This morning I meditated. I don’t meditate like other people. I have a virtual spirit guide. She was formed in my imagination many years ago and has changed to fit my needs. I read a book recently by a guy named Tony Blankenship. He talks about meditation. One of the things his book talked about was visualizing God (or your divine spirit, higher power, whatever you want to call “him”) as exactly what you need. So I took this concept and applied it to my meditation. My spirit guide is organized, smart, and has her shit together. She always knows what to do.

Today, I decided I wanted to meditate specifically about boredom. See, I have meditated countless times about how to get better at life. I am constantly visualizing all the work I need to do and asking her and God, how am I supposed to do it all. I’ve told her, hey I need to get faster faster. Yesterday, she gave me some ideas on how to do that.

Today, I asked her how to stay focused when I have all these boring things to do that I hate doing and that keep me from doing the things I actually want to do and like doing. I imagined myself sitting at a desk with a stack full of boring white paper. I had the task of moving the boring huge ass stack of paper from one side of the desk to the other. I told her, “I hate this. This is so boring!” So, she started drawing little pictures on each piece of paper. Have you ever flipped through an animated flipbook? Well, that’s what she did with my papers. All of a sudden, I was getting something fun out of my boring stack of papers.

I said, well I can’t draw. Do you have another idea? That’s when she reminded me how much I like stickers and making my to-do lists fun and colorful. So today, I have started what I call My Big Ass Journal of Boring Things. It’s sort of like an accomplishment journal. But, I am only including the boring-ass things I have to do each day in it. I intend to make it cute, fun, and funny. This way I am getting a little joy and happiness from my boring tasks.

If you have ADHD like I do, you might find boring stuff hard to do. I like practical coping skills and being creative. This is my new coping skill for dealing with the boring things I have to do and I hope I can make it fun. I’ll update this post as I add stuff to it.

Boring Journal page 1



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