Make Up Tips to Make You Look Younger

Wearing makeup is something women do to look and feel better. Even if you have always taken great care of your skin, aging is part of life. Inevitably every woman will start to show signs of aging. If those laugh lines, crow’s feet, or wrinkles on your forehead are starting to get to you, don’t fret. There are things you can do about it. Too much makeup or wearing the wrong makeup may actually make you look older. Try these tips to look more youthful.


Make water and sleep a priority

First things first. If you really want to look younger make sure you are doing everything you can to look your best. What keeps skin looking healthy? Hydration. Dehydration makes your skin look dried out and wrinkled. Being hydrated will improve your skin’s elasticity and naturally make you look younger. Sleep hygiene is also more important as you get older. Check out how your face looks after a night of poor sleep and a morning when you woke up feeling refreshed.

Less is more: Concealer and foundation tips

In an attempt to cover your age, you may be tempted to pile on the makeup. Unfortunately, the more you try to cover up, the more attention you may draw to your fine lines and wrinkles. Foundation makeup and concealers can settle into fine lines and make all the flaws your trying to hide look more noticeable instead of less. Try using a liquid concealer under your eyes, but don’t crazy with it. You don’t want to cake it on. Also, don’t use a foundation color that is too light for your skin. As you age, you want to go with a more yellow/tan tone. Use a sheer liquid foundation and apply sparingly. The more natural your skin looks, the younger you look.

Use blush and highlighter

You may never needed highlighter before. Try applying highlighter to the inside corner of your eyes. This will help brighten your face and take the attention away from the fine lines around the outside corners of your eyes. Use a natural color blush. The less made up you use, the younger you will appear to be. Try using a creme blush instead of powder. It’s easy to apply and the moisture will give your skin a little more glow.

Keep your eyebrows full

Don’t overdo it with your eyebrows. Only twease where you have to. If you have gray or white eyebrows, use a brown eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow to fill them in. Fuller eyebrows will help you appear younger.

Skip the eyeliner or use a lighter shade

Eyeliner may draw more attention to imperfections in your eyes, or make you look older. If you use eyeliner, use a brown or slate and use it sparingly. Lining just the top of your eye lid can make your eye look larger. In addition, the more you tug on your lower lid, the more you may see wrinkles. Go easy on your skin.


Avoid dramatic eye shadow or lip color

Don’t go for dramatic colors. Gold, “sunny” colors look more youthful. Avoid dramatic contrast colors. Natural is the way to go. Very pale colors or dark grays can make you look older. Instead of vibrant lipsticks, try using a nude, rose or coral colored lip pencil and lip gloss.

Use lengthening mascara

Mascara is a must. Use lengthening mascara to make your eyelashes look longer. To make your lashes look even longer, try using an eyelash curler.


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