Love Your Toxic Family and Friends While their Still Alive: Day 23 of my Transformation

Today I was going to talk about my kryptonite. But, throughout this transformation challenge, I have been reminded daily to be spirit-led. That’s one thing I have changed in my life. I get direction through meditation and prayer and sometimes what I want to talk about isn’t what I am called to talk about.

Each day I am trying to get a little more accomplished and get closer to my goals. This morning I checked my email and the stress of keeping up with all my projects started to take over. But, life is short babe. That’s what I got out of meditation today. In the end, some of these things you worry about are very unimportant.

While my kryptonite is social media, other people’s problems, my emotions, and my big talkative mouth, but today that’s not what I am talking about. I avoid people and their toxic problems because I don’t have time to listen to them or the emotional energy to deal with their problems. So, like many, I have limited my time with the toxic people in my life.

This morning I was instructed to love the toxic people a little more than I do and to make time for them. While I want to be productive and make the most out of every day, what’s really important in this world. Your treasures aren’t stored up here and you can’t take them with you.

I don’t like dealing with the assholes and negative people in my life. It’s one of the reasons that I was given the blue energy. But today, she said to make time for them and love them a little more than you do. I do not want to live with the guilt that you have when someone is gone.

He called us to love one another.
The Girl with Blue Energy


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