If You’re Happy and You Know it: Day 33 of My Transformation

I made my video this morning and as I uploaded it, I looked at myself and realized that I am smiling in almost every video I have made. When you’re happy and you know, your face will surely show it. If you’re happy and you know it raises your hands. Eeeh…

Okay as I am typing this, I realized my hands are also raised in this video.

I had an entirely different message inside the video and I am one hundred percent certain that this was what I was supposed to talk about today in my video. Last night I meditated before I went to bed and had a talk with God about faith. What’s different in my life now, than before. My faith.

Why do I go into things with a different attitude than others? It’s not because I am naive. It’s because I believe that God is more powerful than we are and that my higher power can make things happen that I can’t. This is what gives me hope and optimism even in impossible situations.

My meditation and video this morning helped me to calm down and deliver my message the way a girl with Blue Energy should. Working harder on being the girl I want to be.

Now for my workout and getting things done today!

Rocking the blue energy today
The Girl with Blue Energy


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