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How to Get Better at Anything: Day 10 of My 90 Day Transformation

This morning I did not want to get up. And I definitely didn’t want to make my YouTube video. In fact, I thought why the hell are you even doing this. I decided damn it, this is not going to be another gung-ho try and fail challenge of mine. Us bipolar ADHD girls are really great at coming up with great ideas.

But this morning I did something different and I think I was spirit led to watch this particular YouTube video. The video is a Ted Talk from Maggie Bregman.

She moved me today and gave me the blue energy I needed to keep at this. So today, I did my YouTube video differently and I wrote this blog post a little differently.

I thought about my why and what I am trying to accomplish. Then, I thought you know how to write. You know how to search engine optimize content. Why aren’t you doing it?!!!

I have been titling my blog posts with titles I know that nobody’s going to search for and I have given my YouTube videos the same lame titles. Why? BECAUSE I didn’t want anyone to find them. I didn’t want anyone to see me at the beginning of my journey. I only like people to see my success. But, failure and growing is part of success.

So today I put myself out there. Gave this blog post a title somebody might possibly search for. I am committing to writing better quality blog posts for Girl with Blue Energy -even if nobody is reading it right now. I am not pushing myself on SEO with this blog. I am writing from my heart and hope that I gain a following based on what I have to say, not SEO.

So today I am going to practice sending cold emails, writing better blog posts, and making better YouTube videos. And doing the monotonous stuff you have to do to reach your goals – Coffee, Exercise, Goals, Lists, & Routines. That’s how you get better at anything.

The Girl with Blue Energy


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