Here’s to Staying Motivated! Day 26 of my Transformation

Today I am talk, talking about my motivation. Nothing beats leg day. I got my video made fast this morning. I was inspired and motivated. Plus, I am getting a little better at trimming and editing videos. This one isn’t perfectly edited but I am definitely making progress.

Ya know, it might sound like I don’t actually meditate but just take a daydreaming trip to an imaginary land. I actually spend at least a few minutes every morning in meditation. Sometimes the vision or imagery I see is something like today — a chalkboard, but sometimes it’s me walking through a stream or a field. Sometimes my meditation starts with imagining an all white space. When my meditation gets stuck that is usually what I do to clear my energy.

Today, I have been go-go-going since I made my video. I am just now writing my blog post. I am excited. I have a new writing client I am going to be working with next week. And some other people I need to follow up with. But, today, it’s getting late in the day and I am just getting started on the work work.

I did my workout which was hard. It was leg day and I couldn’t even do the last set of exercise. My legs were that weak. About fifteen minutes after my workout I literally threw up. This is not the first time a workout has done this to me, but I have been very conscientious about this. I purposely don’t eat anything until I get my workout done and I didn’t think I had too much water. But, I was beat when it was done. In fact, I had to lay on the floor for a while. I couldn’t even do the stretches for a while.

So while my body is still not looking the way I want it to, I feel so good about being almost done with week 4. One more day and I get a rest day. TGIF. I am so glad it’s Friday.

Now to focus. Not slack and get busy and productive. I really want to amaze you guys and myself.

The Girl with Blue Energy


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