Goal chasing and burnout

This morning I woke up feeling exhausted. Been working my little butt off. Haven’t been doing the best with my habits, but I have been getting a lot more done. I am still not as efficient as I want to be. Right now I have a million projects and not enough time to do it all. My head hurts and all I have done is work.

The thing is I know I need more self-care but the time I spend on self-care takes away from getting things done. And I also know skipping the self-care leads to burnout and lower productivity.

I slept in this morning. I have been doing that more than I like to, but sleep is also important to me. When I am manic and don’t sleep it gets worse and affects my mood. All my habits have been terrible because I am staying with my sister and not at home. I have fallen out of the routines that I was doing so well with.

But I have been super focused on my goals. And trying to stick with the ones that are actually going to deliver results. You can work a lot and still get nowhere. I have been blogging every day on one of my blogs or another. I honestly can’t say I have been writing top-quality posts, but I have been writing. Nobody actually blogs anymore. You don’t read people’s stories or journals. You read a whole bunch of crap “how to’s”.

Everyone writes for search engines (including me) but not on this blog. The art of writing is gone. I am an Albuquerque SEO consultant, so that’s like all I do. Write SEO content. That is exhausting and I am getting serious burnout from all the writing I do. So today I wrote a blog post for myself. It was cathartic. This was my self-care for the day. Writing about something besides search engine optimization. And P.S. Yeh, I included some links to my site. I am trying so hard to be a badass web goddess and drive that yellow corvette.


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