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Flipping the Script: Day 24 of My Transformation

I am excited to be on day 24 of my transformation. As today started to pass by I realized I made my YouTube video but I didn’t write my post. And, ya know I realize that not everyone is reading my blog. Some people may be just following my YouTube channel – and maybe nobody really is. My commitment to myself was to dedicate time to writing on my blog, Girl with Blue Energy every day.

I don’t have time to go into every single aspect of my life and my goals or what I am up to. I also don’t feel that every part of my meditation or spiritual life is meant for public view. But, today what was on my heart has been in my heart. I have had a vision for this blog for quite some time. I have also had a plan to make motivational/inspirational videos that speak to women like me.

That’s been something I wanted to do for a while. But, I always think you need to get better first. Which, takes me back to one of the best videos I think I have made through this challenge — How do you get better at anything? You do it! You don’t learn how to do anything by talking about it. You learn through doing it and trial and error.

Whether or not anyone else is getting value out of my blog or videos isn’t important to me. I am getting something out of it. I actually look forward to getting up and making my video. It gives me something to get up for. If I am not inspiring anyone, I am inspiring me.

As I went to write this post I looked at the clock. I wake up often thinking who I am going to disappoint today. I have a ton of people wanting my time and I ton of projects I am working on this month. And, when I think about it, it’s like Patty you know if you weren’t doing these videos and working out and writing this blog, you’d have time for everything. Yeh, but I wouldn’t have time for me or my personal growth.

Today I am not nearly as concerned about disappointing others. Who I don’t want to disappoint is myself. So, today I did my video. I did my workout. And now I am about to kick some serious ass on my goals. Flipping the script today. I know what I want with my transformation, my business, my goals and my life.

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