Fitness Inspiration for Your Lover ~ Valetine\’s Idea

Hello fit friends.  I hope that you love my Valentine\’s fitness gift idea. I thought it was clever. If your lover needs to get back on track or an extra little push, make him something special to inspire him each day.  I love motivating and being the cheerleader, so this was my idea. It takes twenty-one days to get into a routine.  Why not start on Valentine\’s day and do it together?

So guys. Do you love Valentine\’s Day as much me? Probably not, because I kinda hate Valentine\’s Day.  Yeh, that was awesome, huh?  I do not really enjoy Valentine\’s Day — sorry — and I truly prefer not to get flowers. I like real gifts from the heart.  I love when someone gives me a gift (ya know like a unicorn gift) just because they feel like it. So much for my lovey-dovey Valentine\’s post. Eeehh… I hope you Pinterest this anyway.  So… I made this just for him and for no reason at all.  But, I thought it would make an adorable Valentine\’s gift.  I hope you like it Valentine\’s Day lovers.

Couples that train together stay together!

I love creative and thoughtful gifts. What do you get a fit boyfriend? You think he wants a box of chocolate, some protein powder (maybe), flowers?  Eh, why not give him  something totally clever and heart felt? Give him 21 days of fitness inspiration from you.

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Find a fitness themed coffee mug


Pretty easy right?  I saw this coffee mug and I thought it would be perfect for a gift. I decided to fill it up with dark chocolate, whiskey, and 21 days worth of love notes, inspiration, and humor from me. It was actually hard to think of that many little notes.  I sure hope it gives him a smile and motivates him to stick it out for 21 days.

Add stickers and love notes

I was trying to decide the best way to do this. They have little sticky pads that work perfect for this. In fact, you could probably just keep it on the sticky pad and give him a 21 day sticky pad full of love notes but, I thought this was so much cuter.  I love stickers. I have more stickers than a kindergartner. I thought I\’d put them to use. I thought they turned out cute. I bought some colorful sticky pads and went to work.


Add fitness quotes and mantras

Here\’s where the fun starts.  I just wrote little notes, mantras, whatever came to my head. Some of them were pretty basic but I think I through in some fun ones.  Here are a few I came up with. I tried to keep them sweet and encouraging, but to make it more interesting I added a few funny ones.

\”Keep going baby! You bacon me crazy!\”  I thought this one was perfect for keto!\"\"

Keeping it real!  I hope he enjoys this one. LOL


Happy Valentine\’s Day Lover!

If you want to inspire him to workout more for you, make him feel more special than a box of chocolates.  Don\’t give him some unwanted underwear. Who needs that?

Whiskey, dark chocolate and love from his goddess!



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