Do You Need a Change-Up? Day 40 of My Transformation

Today I had a short meditation but I did spend some time praying and meditating. Then I made this goal to get my video faster than I ordinarily do. And…. That didn’t happen. But, what I did do is I changed things up. I actually edited my video. Like putting pieces of my video together. And I am really thrilled with the results.

It’s Friday. My energy started out a little low but now that I am done making my video I feel energized. Every night I have this smidge of anxiety about sharing my videos but each time I do one, I feel better. Why? I am on day 40. Regardless of my end results, I have stayed committed and I am almost to the halfway point.

The “pick up the pace” from a couple days ago is still running through my head, but my energy this morning is right where it needs to be. Getting my video uploaded. Then doing my workout. Maybe I am not inspiring anyone else but I got a lot out of today’s video and meditation.

Stay motivated. Stay focused. And be the girl people copy. The one and only.

The Girl with Blue Energy



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