Being Your Own Coach: Day 39 of My Transformation

This morning I meditated about football. I saw myself at a football game. I saw cheerleaders, a band, and a football team. I asked my spirit guide who the most important person was and she said the coach. Well, Google disagreed with her, but that’s still what I took away from meditation.

Being successful isn’t just about practicing, knowing the game, or your training. The coach makes a big difference in how the team plays and whether or not they win the game. The coach is the one who decides the plays and teaches the players how to win.

So today I am working on not just my daily habits — the practice, the training. I am working on making good plays. My coach knows me better than anyone and what motivates me. What motivates me? Blogging, making these videos, and making progress toward my goals

Today’s going to be a busy day but I am going to use a good strategy to get myself close to the win.

The Girl with Blue Energy


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