How to Get Faster Faster

I blog a lot but haven’t written anything here in forever. My new goal is to blog on Girl with Blue Energy every day. One of the things I have been working on in my personal life is habits. I have started 7 habits over the last three weeks. I started with 3, and have slowly added a few more. One of my habits is to write one blog post a day. Generally, these blog posts are for clients. I write a lot for Badass Web Goddess. Writing is part of my SEO business. However, because of how much writing I do for other people, I barely have any time for my own personal blogs. I am changing that.

One of the things I have been meditating about is how to get faster, faster. I keep working on my habits, but sometimes writing a client’s blog post takes me hours. With a goal to write one a day, and having tons more that I need to write, I have been frustrated. I keep working on writing consistently in hopes that I will get faster. I know practice makes perfect, but I want to get faster faster!!

Today, I did my emotional check-in, meditating, and talked with my spirit guide. She gave me some insight I hadn’t thought about. She reminded me of how much faster I used to run when I ran with my son. He runs fast and would always pace me faster than I liked to run. Now, I don’t have a running partner for writing, not yet anyway. But, I still got something from my meditation.

I can’t write fast for all my clients. Some of them are nitpicky and want really high-quality writing. You kinda have to take your time with that. But, I can practice my writing speed here on the Girl with Blue Energy. This is my personal blog. It’s about my meditation and ME! While I do write some content to be informative, some of it’s just for me.

I am adding a new habit to my list of habits, work on my writing speed. Do writing speed drills. Don’t worry about the posts, being perfect. Just write fast and publish one post a day on Girl with Blue Energy. Perhaps this will diminish the quality of my writing, but what I am hoping for is that I get faster and better at writing. And that ultimately this will be my most successful blog.

How can you use this in your own life? Is there anything you are trying to improve your efficiency with? Try doing speed drills. Time yourself and do it as fast as you can.

How to Deal with Emotional Distractions

How do you keep your emotions from killing your productivity? Once upon a time I kicked ass at being productive. I often joke that I built my business by having one manic episode after another. When I am manic, I can do anything. I am productive, hyper-focused, funnier, more creative, and most importantly I can get things done… However, when I am depressed or having a mixed episode I can’t accomplish anything. My emotions affect me more than other people, but everyone at some point or another will find themselves distracted by their emotions.

One of the things I have talked about in other posts is how important happiness is for my productivity. It’s a topic motivation and time management books seem to lack. Most of the books I have read focus on external distractions, like urgency addiction and interruptions. They don’t talk about how to get work done when you are depressed or emotionally distracted.

The other day I decided I wanted to set my mind to coming up with a system for dealing with my emotional distractions. My emotional triggers are endless. Some days I get absolutely nothing done because of this. Maybe you can relate. Emotional distractions are internal distractions (going on inside your head) that takes away your attention and focus from your productivity. For me they are things like people being mad at me or me being angry, PTSD triggers, or trying to make a big decision. Sometimes the littlest things can set my mind off for hours.

So, what can you do to keep yourself from getting emotionally distracted?

Write a list

When I am spinning with anxiety, I struggle with my routines. I don’t write lists. I spend my whole morning reading Facebook, or thinking about how my childhood has fucked up my whole life. I can get completely overwhelmed by triggers and sucked into a non-productive emotional tailspin. The easiest way for me to stop my morning depression is to get out of bed, make coffee, sit down, and write a list. The act of writing a list helps me sort out what to do and prioritize my tasks. Even when you are emotional you can write a list. Don’t worry about whether or not you will get any of it done, just write it.

Get rid of external distractions

Before you can attempt to be productive, eliminate the external distractions. External distractions will create emotional distractions.. For example, as I was trying to write this blog post, my kids came into the room and interrupted me. This made me angry. I was so angry I couldn’t finish writing. Feeling angry interferes with my productivity all the time. Sometimes I can get back on track, but sometimes when I get interrupted a lot I just give up. Plan your time to work around when you will be distraction-free. Don’t try to do big projects when you are going to be interrupted.

Do one simple task

I remember a viral blog post about depression discussing the impossible task. When you are depressed, the simplest task can throw you for a loop. If your list is overwhelming, pick one thing you can do that will take no more than 15 minutes and do it. For me, it could be writing one paragraph or even writing one sentence. The point is, whatever it is, make it something you can do easily and in 15 minutes. The act of checking something off your list, boosts your dopamine levels and improves your mood.

Play some music

Research shows that music has an effect on your mood, productivity, and even how hard you exercise. I have found that putting on upbeat music can help me to improve my mood so I can focus. What kind of music should you listen to? It depends on what you are trying to do. If you just want a mood-lifter anything upbeat that you like will work. But, if you are trying to do a task that requires thinking, you need music that doesn’t distract you with lyrics. My “thinking music” is loud metal music with lyrics that aren’t melodic, but orchestra music will work or music with a simple three-chord structure.

Do some exercise

Exercise is my number one mood-stabilizer and stress reliever. If I am finding myself emotional and distracted, I will stop what I am doing and go for a run or climb my stairs. Exercise helps me to release negative energy. Usually when I am done I can focus better.


I meditate regularly. While it doesn’t always work, meditation is often just what I need to get my emotions in check. Because I am an empath, I have a hard time sorting out my feelings from others. When I meditate, I use a visual exercise to help me sort out and contain my emotions. I will imagine each emotion and then try to identify what’s causing it and whose feelings they are. Then I will place the emotions in jars and seal them. Sometimes this exercise helps me to compartmentalize my feelings in a healthy way so I can focus.

Talk to yourself

Talking to yourself does not mean you are crazy. Even if you answer yourself. In fact, for people like me with ADHD, it’s a great tool for productivity. I often post pep talks to myself on Facebook all day when I am trying to get a project done or I will go for a walk and have a conversation with myself. Talking your way through a task helps you to complete it.

The completion of a task boosts your emotional energy. It’s taken me a couple days to complete the task of writing this, but the act of writing it has helped me in a couple ways. First off, I completed one of my tasks for today, but additionally thinking through this problem and writing out tips was helpful for me. I hope that it helps you as well.

Lessons You Learn from Always Being Right

This morning I did my usual meditation, but then I went for a run. Over the last few days I have thought about how many people have tried to help me with my life. I am the most obstinate and stubborn person on Earth and I am always right. Well, actually I am wrong quite a bit of the time, but ya know I am no dummy. You are. What do you know about bipolar disorder, dysfunctional families, or anything? Seriously.

So as I was running I thought about my sister who has told me many times, in one form or another — “your way doesn’t fucking work!” And I thought really hard about this. Every day I do things my way because I am determined to fix me and the only person who can really fix me is me — Right?

People give me advice a lot — books I should read, suggestions I should try. Compounding habits, routines, etc. Well I don’t even know all the suggestions people have given me. But, I always say, but you don’t have bipolar disorder. You don’t understand. I hate their way. I am supposed to get up and do something when I am manic or depressed. Don’t you understand people with bipolar disorder CAN’T not be bipolar. We can’t control the depression or mania that causes us not to do things, to spin, to run around in circles in our heads freaking out. We literally CAN’T do it your way. We have a fucked-up brain that won’t allow us to. Don’t you understand?

So after a whole lot of thinking about the fact that my way doesn’t actually work. I decided maybe they are right. I am trying to do some things differently. I can’t say for certain if their way works, but I do know my way hasn’t been working.

One of the things I am trying to do, which is kinda actually my own thing anyway, is to start my day with a list. I have been arguing with people about my own ideas here lately. Like I will get back to that list thing when I am a little less mental. No Patty, the list thing the “Coffee. Exercise. List. Goals. Routines” that’s the thing that makes you less mental.

So anyway, I am taking my friends’ advice. I went for a run today. I wrote a list. And I actually got a few things done. The getting things done made me feel a little less mental today.

He Loved Me When I was Fat and Ugly

Divorce is painful and you don’t get over someone you spent your whole life loving in a month or a year. If you don’t deal with the feelings, the baggage goes with you into your future relationships. This morning I was thinking about why I loved him so much, and why I stayed so long in an unhappy marriage. Why? Because he loved me way back, before I was the beautiful unicorn goddess I am today. He loved me when I was fat and ugly. He loved me when I was completely fucked up. I met him when I just turned 19. I had just gotten out of my fourth psychiatric unit for attempting suicide. I had cut marks and burns on my body from self harm. I had like 4 dresses to my name and would have been homeless if the state of Georgia hadn’t moved me into a low rent apartment instead of putting me out on the street.

I was a total mess and he still loved me. I look back on my life. I have told many people he never called me beautiful, and never bought me flowers. I was grateful that he stuck around. This morning all I could think was I was fat and ugly. And all these people that think I am cute and funny now would have not talked to me back in the day. You wouldn’t have liked me back then because I was a fat, ugly freak.

THIS is what I want to blog about. I was NEVER a fat, ugly, freak. I was a beautiful unicorn goddess waiting to happen. Emotional abuse wrecks your self-esteem, makes you feel like you don’t deserve love, don’t deserve to eat, don’t deserve to be happy. My eating disorder and body dysmorphia started at 18 when I decided I was fat and ugly and didn’t deserve to eat. It has stuck with me all the way to 46. I still struggle every day with how I look, what I eat, and my self-esteem.

This morning I started reading about emotional abuse and realized exactly how long I have been dealing with it. It goes way back to childhood. I moved in with my aunt and uncle at 14, when my family fell apart. I thought my aunt and uncle were an amazing family at the time, but now I realize how much emotional abuse went on in that home. I was not able to pick out my own clothes. My aunt picked them out for me. It was an extremely Christian home. I liked the boundaries there. But this morning when I was reading about emotional abuse I realized that the controlling that went on in that house was emotional abuse. And when I stopped being perfect, they kicked me out of their home.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 18 after I attempted suicide. My uncle told my boyfriend at the time, I don’t care if she sleeps on a park bench she’s not coming home. That was pretty much the last time I talked to them or the boyfriend. I met my ex-husband shortly after. And he loved me when I was a complete disaster or so I thought. But, a person that loves you nurtures you, builds you up, and tells you that you are beautiful, smart, funny, and amazing. You are what you think you are. I didn’t become a beautiful unicorn goddess until I believed I was one. That is my blue energy for myself for today. You are and ALWAYS were a beautiful, smart, creative, funny, passionate unicorn goddess.

Here are some of the signs of emotional abuse. This list is a partial list from

You may be experiencing emotional or verbal abuse if someone:

  • Wants to know what you’re doing all the time and wants you to be in constant contact
  • Demands passwords to things like your phone, email, and social media and shows other signs of digital abuse
    (My ex-husband took my phone from me all the time. I am still touchy about anyone handling my phone because of this.)
  • Acts very jealous, including constantly accusing you of cheating (constantly)
  • Prevents or discourages you from seeing friends or family
    (He made me unfriend friends or stop talking to people all the time.)
  • Tries to stop you from going to work or school
    (I stopped going to Libertarian meetings)
  • Controls all your finances or how you spend your money
    (I asked permission for everything I spent, including $3 items FOR YEARS)
  • Calls you insulting names (such as “stupid,” “disgusting,” “worthless,” “whore,” or “fat”)
    (He called me fat and a freak)
  • Threatens to harm himself or herself when upset with you
    (The night before I packed up my bags and left, he told me he was going to kill me and kill himself)
  • Decides things for you that you should decide (like what to wear or eat)
    (My ex did not do this, but my aunt picked out everything I wore and controlled my eating. I believe she is responsible for my eating disorder)

I decided to blog about this because I want to influence women. When a social worker asked me if I was being abused, I said no. I had no idea that I was, in fact, being abused. Abuse isn’t just physical. If you are being emotionally abused, get help. Go see a therapist. Talk to someone. Talk to me!

What’s a hybadid?

This morning I woke up depressed. I didn’t want to get up because I was tired, exhausted. Depression is exhausting. It’s hard to tell whether or not the exhaustion causes the depression or the depression makes you exhuasted. I think it’s a little bit of both.

I can’t get out of the rat race without pushing myself. This morning I realized I am doing it all wrong again. I spend entirely too much energy on Facebook. It’s hard to be a social media consultant and not use social media. But once upon a time I figured out something — I was making iVillage a whole lot of money with my social skills. That’s when I took my show on the road and started JustMommies. iVillage used their community leaders, and gave them nothing in return. We set out to make a friendly community for moms and tried to make our message boards a place that brought women together for friendship and support.

And NOW I realized I am doing it all again. I am making Facebook money. My gift of gab, being weird, funny, cute whatever… It’s a gift. My high energy, personality, it’s not a weakness. It’s a strength.

So this morning I meditated and got some direction. A while back, I had a dream. A bunch of world leaders said I was the most likely to be a hybadid. What’s a hybadid? I didn’t know. In the dream they told me it was spiritual. I woke up googling hybadid. Guess what? It’s not a real word, but I am going to make it one. I know what it means. I am a hybadid unicorn goddess here to spread blue energy.

She told me a bunch of things today, but the main one was, you can do this baby. You gotta get ahead of the ball instead of behind the ball. You’ve done this before and you can do it again. Let the haters hate. Plug along with your weird-ass energy and build your business. One day you will be driving that yellow corvette and people will be asking you how you did it.

Believe in yourself even when your haters think you are crazy.

Yes girlie, you can cut it! Imaginary boot camp here we go!

This morning I was talking to the “girl in the blue dress” who has not been wearing a blue dress lately. She was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt again. Today she had an obstacle course in front of me and a whistle. She was my little drill seargent and she told me she was going to train me.

Before I go into this, I have decided that I shall refer to her from here forward as my imaginary friend. Kinda tired of people thinking I talk to demons. I have a great imagination, love fiction, fantasy, imagery, and creative coping skills. The girl in the blue dress and meditation is one of my coping skills.

So I started thinking, ya know, I never joined the military. Why? I have known I was an emotional train-wreck bipolar girl for quite some time. I did not think I could cut it! My sis, my son, my dad, my mom, all of them enlisted and made it through boot camp. I was like nope. There is no way I can do this! I remember my sister crying and I don’t really know how the military works, but they called my dad and he told them don’t let her go home. Today I was thinking maybe if I didn’t think I was a loser who couldn’t cut it, I’d have had some of that training and experience she and many of my friends have.

I don’t want this to sound like I think everyone needs to join the military, but in my life I have held myself back time and time again because of my bipolar emotions. Today my “imaginary friend” said you can do this girl. I have no idea what happens at boot camp, but she’s about to make me work!

I am on a mission to grow my website business, my blogs, and drive that yellow Corvette I keep talking about. Y’all may not get this but she said, “Yes girlie, you can cut it!”

There is Value in the Struggle

Last night as I was washing dishes at my job, I thought how the hell did my life go so far to shit that I am washing dishes for a living. Sorry, this isn’t me being negative. This is fuel for my fire. I have forgotten the days of scraping quarters from my couch to pay for gas, using baby powder for deodorant because that’s literally all I had, or using old towels for diapers because I had none. Some of you guys know what it’s like to struggle and some people have never really struggled.

As I was doing the dishes last night at work, I remembered every little thing about starting JustMommies. I also remembered the last 10 years of being complacent and comfortable. Settling for coasting and staying in a crappy marriage because it was nice and easy. I knew when I left that being a single mom was going to be tough, but I didn’t really get how hard it would be. On top of that, trying to lauch a business the first time around, as a stay at home mom was a piece of cake in comparison.

But what I have learned from struggling is that it fuels you in a way that having things handed to you doesn’t. I am more motivated today than I have been in years. I regret wasting my life not reading, learning, or growing.

Embrace the Struggle

I recently told a friend that I was grateful that things were not handed to me in life. I didn’t have my mommy and daddy paying for my car, car insurance, my college. I didn’t even have a car. I walked! I have been on my own since I was 18. Met my ex-husband when I was living in a one room (not one bedroom apartment). I had 4 or 5 sundresses to my name and a tiny black and white TV someone gave me. It got three channels. I am grateful for this experience. I wouldn’t be who I am without the struggle.

So as I was doing dishes I remebered all this. According to research, some of the most successful people are the ones who struggled the most. I am setting to work on my goals and embracing the struggle. See ya at the top.

Keeping Keeping On

Talking to my spirit guide again. I want to write a book one day. Not just about my life, but about fighting the good fight. I asked her today how I was going to get from here to there and how I could inspire anyone. I’m just a regular girl. Ya know. I used to have some pride in what I’ve accomplished, but now I’m working at a low-skill job, working crazy hours. I barely have time to write, exercise, or work on my goals.

What got me out of poverty the first time? It wasn’t magic. It was hard work. At the moment I feel like I’m working hard and getting nowhere. Today she told me to write another post about the keeping of keeping on.

I love you guys that keep me going. One day I’m going to write a book about perseverance, magical blue energy, yellow Corvettes and keeping keeping on.

Today I’m taking care of me.

Facebook Friends are Quite Possibly the Most Underrated Antidepressant

According to the internet, Facebook has created a generation of narcissists. Facebook makes you depressed and causes anxiety. If you read the internet at all and love your Facebook, you are doomed to be sad, narcissitic, lonely, and depressed. I call bullshit!

I decided to do some research on this. I think social media gets a bad rap. I have met all my besties online. Facebook is my diary, my entertainment, and my support system. Not that I couldn’t function without it if I had to, but I am highly suspicious of the research.

Most of the research on social media has focused on millennials and college students. There are a lot of factors contributing to the increase in depression and anxiety that haven’t been factored in. A Michigan State University study came to the same conclusions as me, Facebook can be good for your mental health.

Happiness is contagious, depression isn’t

Not enough research has been put into the benefits of social media use. According to the Michigan State University study, social media users are 63% less likely to experience serious psychological distress. Connecting with friends and family online actually helps social media users with depression and anxiety. This research contradicts previous research that places much of the blame for depression and anxiety in younger adults on social media use.

Healthy moods are contagious. According to a study by the University of Warwick, surrounding yourself with friends who have a positive outlook and healthy moods, even by way of social media, can improve your mood and mental health. Some people believe that being around depressed people will make you depressed, but research suggests otherwise. People with positive attitudes and healthy moods can help lift their friends out of depression. Depressed people do not have the same affect on their friends with healthy moods. Depression isn’t contagious, but a healthy mood is! I refer to this as blue energy. Another study by the Proceedings of the Royal Society B came to the same conclusions. Friendship and a healthy support system plays an important role in coping with depression.

It’s okay to like the like button

If you post selfies as much as I do, does that make you a narcissist? I don’t think so. I love the little hearts on my posts and pictures, and I say that’s okay. I have read some research about doing away with the like button. I dont know about you, but I am not interested in a Facebook without likes. The like feature is part of why people like Facebook. Its an easy way to communicate love, support, and affection to your Facebook friends. I like the like button and love the button! As I am researching this, I can’t find any research to support my conclusions. But, just like the research on Facebook causing depression was skewed, I believe more research is needed on the positive affects of Facebook love. I love my Facebook friends and I hope you keep the love coming!