90 Day Transformation Day 5

This morning I was challenged and I succeeded. I feel pretty proud of myself for that. There were a number of emotional distractions that went down yesterday and this morning. But, I successfully managed my emotions, kept my enthusiasm, made my video (not once but twice), did my workout, and now I am writing my blog post.

I made a commitment to myself to stick with this and document every step of my transformation. This morning I felt really good about my meditation. I didn’t have a lot of visualization but I did get some guidance. One of the things I didn’t talk about in my video was the blue energy and why it was gifted to me during meditation.

Blue energy is my way of refueling when negative or toxic people drain me. I am an empath and I absorb people’s negative attitudes and bad energy. I think cutting out Facebook was incredibly helpful but in life you can’t avoid everyone. This morning I was reminded to surround myself with positive people and positive energy.

I chose angels for my photo today because I asked the angels to surround me and keep me lifted up and protected. I did this a lot when I ran for office. I asked for protection. This morning during meditation I received a message to invest in my relationships with hope and love. This hope — that’s blue energy. It’s about being hopeful.

So today my goal is to organize my Trello. Make a game plan for today. And not to let my Zoom/phone calls that I need to do keep me from rocking. In order for me to accomplish my goals, I have to stay incredibly focused and create content every single day.

Pretty proud of myself today for successfully completing my video for day 5.

The Girl with Blue Energy


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