90 Day Transformation Day 4

It’s day 4. I took more videos today than on my previous 2 days. But, I am trying to get better at making videos and editing videos. My biggest obstacle is my upload and download speed for my internet. Today I decided to do something about it.

One thing I know about myself is I am decisive. Sometimes this is in the form of impulsivity, but there’s a balance here. There are people that try so hard not to be impulsive that they ridiculously overthink, over-plan, and never actually make a decision. My dad told me a long time ago, “No decision. No mistake”. I am a decision-maker. I am not going to be someone who complains about something forever while taking no action. So, I did it. I have a satellite company coming out to install new internet on Saturday. Hopefully, that makes video uploading easier and helps my business.

In addition to that, after making my video and exercising I meditated. It was pretty quick but I feel good about it. I am back to getting guidance from my inner self and meditation. So, I was trying to decide how to scale my business. I want to get 10 clients in the smart home space. I currently have two. It came to me really quickly – You know what to do beautiful.

It’s interesting because, during my training with Insane Productivity, I have notes written from Darren that say you already know what to do, you just need to do it. But, I have been feeling directionless. I didn’t know what to do or what direction to go in with my business.

I don’t like working with big companies. I like working with individuals. I realized recently how much I like writing on smart home technology and how much potential this space has. I truly believe the next generation of homes will all be smart homes and if I can be part of the smart home boom, that would be awesome. I think I can do that while still maintaining my current business blog.

I am going to do some experimenting in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully, next week! The faster I do this, the faster I reach my goals. And I learned something from my first business. You learn through trial and error and experimentation. Looking forward to the next step.

At any rate, this morning I got some direction on what to do and I am really happy about that. Today’s goal is to make the most of every minute. So, with that said, I am off to work on my goals. I’ll have to update this with my video once it uploads.

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