90 Day Transformation Day 3

This morning I got up and made my video. I am working on my self-talk. I am practicing my video editing skills and getting better every day. I am trying to focus on that. Everybody starts somewhere whether it’s video editing and Youtube or working out. I am also working on my behavior modification and changing my patterns and habits.

For example, I am doing intermittent fasting right now, getting solid with my keto diet, and working out every day. The intermittent fasting is hard for me because I am conditioned to eating first thing in the morning. I am trying to change my body’s ways so this may take a minute. I also haven’t worked out consistently in quite some time. Even though the workout I am doing uses light weights, it’s still hard for me to do it for an hour. It’s not the difficulty it’s the time. And that is what I am focusing on today, making the most of my time.

Yesterday, went really well, except the power went out. That through off my meal plan and my schedule. I couldn’t really get anything done during that time. I usually get really upset when I lose control over a situation, but I managed my emotions well. Made tuna salad and cut myself some slack.

Today I have anxiety. That’s nothing unusual for me, but I am trying to push through it and get better. The more you do the things that make you uncomfortable and give you anxiety, the better you get at it. I am doing a client intake interview with a company I am subcontracted with. They are giving me a great opportunity to take on more projects and develop my skills.

I have a lot of things to do and my goal is to control my emotions today, and not lose time. That means no checking emails a million times, or LinkedIn or my website stats. Today I am going to get as much done as possible and kick ass on my goals.

I am determined to make a huge transformation over these 90 days. I am NOT losing my enthusiasm. I will use mental hacks and reinforcement to keep my blue energy flowing.

Amazing things are possible ALWAYS.

The Girl with Blue Energy



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