90 Day Transformation Day 2

Today I had to make a choice. Stick with my commitment to blog and make my video or catch up with work. This choice, this sticking with this, is something I have dealt with before. One of the reasons we don’t stick with new habits and routines is because they take time. They cut into keeping up with all the stuff we have to do.

I am behind on work. This is nothing new. I am always behind. I never catch up. And that trying to catch up and do more than I can do in a day has been a problem for an eternity. The over-committing and overextending myself has been a lifelong problem.

Today I have a meeting with a client and I did not get all the things I needed to get done for her done. This stress is ongoing. Trying to run a marketing business, where I write tons of content is exhausting me. This morning I did my workout though -even though that cuts into my schedule. I had to rearrange my Trello calendar because fitting in making a video and exercise, cuts into my already over-scheduled day.

And, I am making a video nobody is even watching, which feels pretty non-productive. However, I am gaining something from this – one the follow through and commitment. And, two learning how to make videos and edit videos. Something I have been wanting to learn.

Maybe people will take an interest in personal blogs and personal YouTube videos again, instead of the crap content people are putting on blogs these days. My goal is to commit to this and see it through to the end. Even if in the beginning I have to deal with the stress of disappointing a client.

Steve Jobs’s video made me happy today. Steve Jobs quit college, he got fired from his own business and his life did not go according to plan. I relate to that so much. He talked about connecting the dots. What that meant for me is that everything in our life happens to take us to the next place.

So I am working on following my own lead again. I took a break which I don’t regret. My spirit guide told me to follow Darren Hardy’s training program, which I did. But, now I am taking what I learned and combining it with my own routines that work. Coffee, exercise, list, goals, routines. And meditation.

And one more thing I learned from my Dad and the AA program – Take it easy baby. One day at a time.

The girl with Blue Energy


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