7 Signs You’re an Alpha Female

An alpha female is a powerful, ambitious, attractive, and confident female. She is the dominant female in a social setting or group, the one that stands out. Everyone is drawn to her because of her strong personality and charm. She doesn’t just have male admirers. She has plenty of female friends because everyone likes her or wants to be her. Not everyone woman strives to be an alpha, but some of us are. You may not recognize you magical presence, but here are a few signs you might be an alpha female.

Signs that you are an alpha female

1. You are attractive

You may not necessarily be the most gorgeous girl in the room, but you are certainly good looking. Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. You don’t have to have the best body out there, perfect hair, or flawless makeup, but in one way or another you are attractive to your audience.Your morning often starts with a “good morning beautiful” from more than one friend; and, you are in fact beautiful.

2. You provide the energy in a room

Are you the spark that gets things going? Do you have a natural ability to engage people, make friends, or start conversations? If anyone has ever told you that you are the life of a party, you might be an alpha. Your energy and spark are what attracts people to you. Not everyone is capable of being the conductor or catalyst of energy. People bounce off of your magnetism. You build the momentum and keep things interesting. When you leave a place, everyone else leaves shortly after.

3. Everyone craves your attention

You are the leader of your own tribe. Your friends and colleagues admire you. Your pals love your social media posts, laugh at your jokes, or look for excuses to get to know you. You are great at entertaining people and keeping people engaged. You may have more than just a few admirers. You are a good listener and people like your attention. You probably have fans and might even have stalkers that want to talk to you night and day.

4. You don’t go with the flow

You are a natural leader. People know they can count on you to keep things real. You tell it like it is and stand up for yourself and others. You aren’t the devil’s advocate. You don’t argue for the sake of arguing, but you call your own shots. People love that about you. They can tell you are dominant because you don’t need someone to tell you what to do. You do you, and do it well.

5. You are honest

People know what to expect from you. You can’t be a gossiper or backstabber and still be an alpha. You have people’s respect because they know they can count on you and trust you. You are honest, at times you might be blunt, but you try to tell people the truth. Being honest, takes guts and integrity, but that is one of your strong points and why people like you.

6. You are decisive

Some people consult their friends before making every decision. We all have that friend that constantly asks for advice. They may consult friend after friend until they get one that confirms what they want to hear. Alphas are not the type to ask all their friends for advice or circle back for more.They are decision makers. They take risks and make a call. If you are in a group, people will likely look for you to be the final say on things.

7. Your pals try to copy you

You are your own trend setter. Your friends may start making your stories their own. Alphas are usually copied in some way. Watch how your friends are around you. Do you notice your friends trying model their energy or style after you? People watch your moves and try to be more like you. Copying is one of the ways people make friends and bond. It’s a little secret, if you want someone to like you more copy them. You may have to pay careful attention to notice this but watch how your friends interact with you. Do they copy you?



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